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Three Plus undertakes strategic community and stakeholder engagement for infrastructure, resources and impact assessable development projects. We manage risk and help create better projects.


Three Plus’ executive-level training courses produce authoritative public speakers and media talent who know how to engage an audience and stay on brand and on message.

  • Media training

    Media training develops understanding and skills to manage media risks and make the most of opportunities. Sessions are tailored to individual and group needs.

  • Public speaking and presentations

    Public speaking skills can be improved quickly and effectively by learning the skills of proper preparation. Our training focuses on the principles of developing well organised content and understanding your audience.

  • Professional writing

    This is a master class for learning how to produce tight, direct and businesslike writing.


We consider your objectives and research your internal and external environments to deliver the strategic communications activities that best support your business.

  • Media relations

    Three Plus has a team of former journalists with established relationships throughout Queensland and national media organisations including metropolitan television news.

  • Digital and social media

    The key to harnessing social media is creating compelling, image-rich content and understanding how to build an audience and manage risks.

  • Government relations

    Three Plus advises its clients on how best to align their interests with Government policies and programs and to present well-structured, persuasive information to elected representatives and public servants.

  • Internal communications

    Three Plus plans and delivers internal communication strategies using tools such as key messaging, video, slide shows and speeches and events.


Three Plus builds corporate brand identity on the values of your organisation and develops action plans to manage and protect your reputation in times of crisis.

  • Crisis and issues communications

    We respond quickly and effectively to an issue or crisis to protect your reputation. We also work with you to prepare an agreed plan that ensures your team knows how to respond and their individual roles when a problem emerges.

  • Events

    Three Plus produces high quality, focused events with an agreed outcome in mind to ensure a return on investment. That means considering your audience, your message, and tailoring the event accordingly.

  • Thought leadership

    The best way to build and maintain a reputation is to have something of value to say and finding the right forum for your ideas.

  • Partnerships and sponsorships

    Three Plus helps to connect worthy organisations with those wanting to build their brand. We know every investment must be targeted and well considered. That means aligning brands for mutual benefit.

  • Awards, submissions and tenders

    Successful submissions are created by a strategy that articulates the right key messages. Clear, direct, logical writing, strong imagery and compelling headings will make your story resonate.

  • Market perception surveys

    Our market perception surveys seek understanding from people who are important to you. What do they think about you and your offer? The answers help focus your marketing or business development efforts.