Connecting your business with Australian markets, governments and media

Understanding Australia’s governments, media and commercial marketplace is critical to business success.

AusMarket Connect is specifically tailored to your business interests to provide the knowledge you need for a well–prepared start to your entry to Australia.

AusMarket Connect will help to ensure your business is strategically ready to enter the Australian political, media and business landscape.

There are many opportunities to succeed in Australia – and new entrants and more competition are welcomed.

AusMarket Connect will:

      • Research and interpret laws and policies relevant to your business
      • Identify key Ministers, Ministerial staff, local government Councillors and bureaucrats who will be important to your business plans
      • Research and document media coverage on issues associated with your industry, product or service sector
      • Identify industry associations and business networks of benefit to your business plans
      • Deliver a Strategic Market Connection Plan which will provide a roadmap for your entry into Australia.

Three Plus and its experienced consultants are available to help implement your Strategic Market Connection Plan, including:

      • research and preparation of briefing papers,
      • managing government briefings,
      • brand profiling, and
      • media management services.

For further information or to set up an initial appointment, please contact Barton Green on 07 3167 1200.