About new

Our vision starts with three words – Creative, Strategic and Bold – and we aim to be this and more every day.

We are a full service business and marketing communications consultancy specialising in reputation, brand and relationships management.

Our goal is to create the best environment within which to implement our clients’ business plans and maximise success.

The Three Plus Way is an issues-based strategic planning approach aimed at ensuring that all campaigns are targeted to outcomes – and it is something that our clients have responded to positively together with the skills and experience of our team.

Executive Directors

Our Executive Directors Robert Allan, Barton Green, and Peter Kelly each have more than 30 years’ communications experience and have provided strategic planning and communications advice at the highest levels in both the public and private sectors. The Directors are supported by a core of specialist team leaders and senior consultants who have proven themselves to be the best in the business with a fine record of success across a diverse spectrum of clients. We offer specialist consultants in all communications disciplines.

Robert Allan

Robert Allan

Executive Director, GAICD

Robert specialises in strategic communications campaigns using public relations, community engagement and government relations campaigns. Much of his work is related to public and private sector infrastructure projects – from master planned communities to bridges and tunnels and resources projects – and for companies servicing these sectors.

He has provided communications, engagement and issues and crisis management advice on projects, programs and policy to senior elected representatives, government officials and the private sector. He is an efficient administrator who provides mentoring and professional development to those who work in his company and his project teams.

Robert is a founder of Three Plus, and has 40 years’ experience in journalism, government and corporate communications.

Barton Green

Barton Green

Executive Director, GAICD

Barton Green is a strategy and communications professional with more than 30 years’ media, marketing and business experience, as well as many years’ experience as a company Director and Executive Officer.

He is a strategic planning and government relations specialist, and has consulted to some of Queensland largest companies and highest profile projects, including Stockland’s massive Caloundra Downs development, Airportlink ($5.6B), the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital ($1.8B), and the EIS phase for the Traveston Crossing, as well as to professional services and membership organisations.

Barton is a former Ministerial Adviser to the Minister for Environment and Heritage in the Queensland Goss Government, former Press Secretary to the President of the Queensland Teachers‘ Union and former Queensland Branch Secretary of the Australian Journalists’ Association. He has an intricate understanding of the media having worked as a print journalist, media trainer, journalism tutor and guest lecturer at several Queensland universities.

Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly

Executive Director

Peter Kelly is a knowledgeable marketing and communications strategist experienced in operating in high profile environments.

He is a former on air reporter, presenter and chief of staff with Channel Ten in Brisbane and has strongly established relationships with media throughout Queensland. He is also a former communications manager for Queensland Rugby Union and the Queensland Reds and was Queensland Public Affairs Manager for the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

Peter has consulted predominantly to the development and infrastructure sector, providing advice to developers, constructors and local government. He has provided presentation training to a range of elite sports people and business leaders and works with clients using the principles of television news to produce cost effective, professional and lively corporate videos.

As a director of AEIOU, he has overseen the charity’s growth from a start-up to a not-for-profit employing more than 120 full time staff and providing services to more than 200 families across Queensland.

Peter sits on the Management Committee of BDA The Committee for Brisbane.

Our vision

Settling on our vision, mission, purpose and values was no easy task but it is the foundation of
who we are, the people we attract to our team and the way we do business.


  • Creating success through clear, authentic communication and insightful engagement.


  • Making a positive difference by shaping ideas and influencing environments.


  • To provide understanding and create connections for our clients and communities.


  • We are creative, strategic and bold
  • Savvy, passionate and authoritative
  • We respect and honour diversity and equity
  • We value initiative, integrity and smart work
  • We acknowledge our responsibility to society and the environment
  • We foster learning and reward achievement
  • We enjoy a vibrant, nurturing, productive and fun environment
  • We empower our people through excellence in systems, processes and resources.