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Reputations can be hard won and easily lost. We help clients build and maintain reputations through high quality, strategic communications and training. Three Plus can help a business build and maintain its reputation through a range of services.


Creating a strategic and compelling brand requires a clear understanding that a brand is not just a name, logo or snappy tagline. We help organisations challenge and understand their vision and mission, and be energetic about promoting their value.


Strong relationships are built on open, honest communication and understanding – knowing when to speak and when to listen. We help clients build their network by giving authoritative advice and leveraging our own long-standing connections.

Welcome to Three Plus

Three Plus provides authoritative, creative and strategic advice that establishes the reputation, brand and relationships our clients require to achieve their ambitions. We seek to identify and deliver tailored marketing and communications services, knowing success is achieved when the interests of our clients and their stakeholders align.

We are a full service consultancy that allows clients to implement their business plans and maximise success. The Three Plus Way is an issues-based strategic planning approach aimed at ensuring all campaigns are targeted to outcomes. Our clients respond positively to our strategic approach and the skills and experience of our team.